March 30, 2023

U2u.S6.E7. - Dr. Brigitta

U2u.S6.E7. - Dr. Brigitta
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We always feel so fortunate to be able to have these conversations - and this one was no exception. Dr. Brigitta, is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and former Primary Care Paramedic of 10 years, as well as a quantum energy healer and medical intuitive who focuses on helping individuals braving concussion recovery, chronic pain, mental and cognitive decline reclaim and optimize their resilient brains - naturally. Her experience as a paramedic, really allowed us to chat about what first responders experience physiologically as a result of their jobs - and she shares some great tips, ideas, and strategies to mitigate that impact that some of these stressors can have on us - mentally, emotionally, and physically. Dr. Brigitta is a wealth of knowledge with a massive passion to help people heal. AND she does most of her work online, so she is easily accessible! She is the quantum healer of brains and pains. You are going to want to get out a pen and paper for this one. Lots to learn and apply here. You can learn more about Dr. Brigitta at and you can follow her on Instagram at @naturally_neuro