Jan. 26, 2023

U2u.S6.E3 - Janice Landry

U2u.S6.E3 - Janice Landry
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From Uniforms to Unicorns

Janice Landry has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember. The daughter of a fire fighter, a journalist/reporter, and the author of 9 books that touch on an array of topics - from resiliency, gratitude, hope, love, and awareness for ourself and others.

As a child, Janice can fondly remember her father making up bedtime stories. She also recalls witnessing her mother reading all the time, mostly suspense and mystery novels. Janice eventually made the choice to pursue journalism and become a reporter - sharing stories continued to bring Janice joy.

Her most recent book The Eye of the Ocean - is a heartfelt tribute to the Barho family and the many first responders and volunteers who have helped them. The Barho family moved to Nova Scotia from Syria. Tragically, their seven children died in a Spryfield house fire in 2019.

Janice is donating her book proceeds to assist this family.

Janice was a true delight to chat with. She is passionate and heartfelt - and we know that you will walk away with some very valuable snippets that will change how you see the world - or how you tell your story!

You can learn more about Janice Landry at https://www.janicelandry.ca/