Jan. 12, 2023

U2U.S6.E1 - Terri Jones

U2U.S6.E1 - Terri Jones
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From Uniforms to Unicorns

Sometimes you have to take matters in your hands. Terri Jones is a mother of two boys, the wife of a police officer, and an occupational therapist that suffered with chronic pain, debilitating migraines, and long process of trying to figure out what was going on mentally and physically. On a whim Terri made a decision to sign up to be a yoga teacher - something that she contemplated for a long time, but this gave her the extra push in an attempt calm herself when she was feeling out of control. In addition to her yoga training, Terri also became an instructor in meditation and the conjunction of the two practices was the start of Terri's mental and physical healing.

Terri's husband - Scott (a 25-year police member) began to see the positive effects of Terri's practice and soon joined her in an effort to release himself of stress, trauma, and overwhelm. Terri and Scott created Twisted Oak Yoga and Wellness. Together they offer in-person yoga, online yoga, retreats, workshops, meditation, mindfulness and hot and cold exposure therapy.

Terri's story is one of self-awareness, tenacity, and pure drive. You can only suffer for so long before you have to make a decision to change. Terri took her suffering and followed her passion - and now it is her mission to help others. We are so grateful for her willingness share with us!

You can learn more about Twisted Oak Yoga - and Terri and Scott at https://twistedoakyogaandwellness.offeringtree.com/