Jan. 19, 2023

U2u.S6.E2 - Mo Shaukat

U2u.S6.E2 - Mo Shaukat
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Meet Mo. Mo Shaukat invaded our radar when we saw a bunch of our former guests posting about him and his initiative to bring Boots on the Ground to Alberta.

Without knowing much about him - his personality drew us to ensure that we got him on the show. A corrections officer with CSC by day - and the President of Boots on the Ground Peer Support for First Responders Alberta in his spare time - Mo shared with us his journey, his desire to openly talk about mental health, and the driving force behind his initial connection with peer support.

First responders are people of service - they love to help others. It's now time to help each other - be better, know better, and do better. Releasing the stigma, humanizing the uniform, and giving people permission to heal however that looks for them.

As BOTG Alberta is still very new - these services are not available just yet. Please go and follow, like, and keep yourself and others informed about the resources that are available to you.