Aug. 18, 2022

U2U.S5.E6 - Cindy Burns

U2U.S5.E6 - Cindy Burns
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Courageous Cindy. With 25 years in the service - women's units, men's units, IERT team, CISM, maximums, mediums, minimum, and Security Intelligence positions this episode has it all. This conversation could not have been more fun and interesting. Cindy talks about being assaulted the first day on the job - and shares her experience with responding to a staff hostage taking where 4 inmates had an officer for 4.5 hours. Her career took her on many different paths, but for the last 13 years she has been the SIO at Sask Pen. Cindy talks about find work life balance just in the last 2 years - sharing some of the things that she does now that help her to stay grounded and present in her life outside of the prison walls.