Oct. 27, 2022

U2U.S5.E11 - Cynthia Hamilton Urquart

U2U.S5.E11 - Cynthia Hamilton Urquart
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From Uniforms to Unicorns

"Extra ordinary people doing extra ordinary things". This is how Cynthia describes first responders and the people that love them. Cynthia served as a RCMP for 25 years - and is married to an RCMP member. Throughout those years she raised a blended family, moved all over the country, and did her best to fit in. As a female, in a predominately male career Cynthia share how she spent years "acting like a guy". She talks about all the events that lead to her being diagnosed with PTSD/PTSI - and how her husband (also diagnosed with PTSD/PTSI) was the one that was able to point out to her that she needed to get help. Her story is truly something!

Like most first responders - all she wanted to do was help people! Cynthia is continuing on that path and following that passion with a new journal that is geared towards helping first responders build awareness. She also has a memoir that she will be releasing in the near future as well.

You can learn about Cynthia at A First Responder Voice https://afirstrespondervoice.ca/