Oct. 20, 2022

U2U.S5.E10 - Wendy Lund

U2U.S5.E10 - Wendy Lund
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We are constantly in AWE of the people that we get to chat with on the podcast. Wendy Lund was no exception to this. She is the CEO/Founder of Wellth Management Inc. A nurse by trade for 23 years with a passion for helping First Responders. How do we promote wellness for our first responders and front-line workers? Wendy is a "wellth" of knowledge when it comes to mental health and wellness for those that have the tendency to put their own on the back burner. This episode is packed with so much great information - tools and strategies, and helpful resources if you get your started on if you know you need to take control of your health and wellness!

"Teaching how to manage a difficult #airway saves #patients lives, teaching #FirstResponders how to manage difficult #emotions, save theirs." Wendy Lund

Learn more about her and her resources for First Responders at https://www.wellthmanagement.ca/