Dec. 2, 2021

U2U.S4.E4 - Rachael Dent Flynn

U2U.S4.E4 - Rachael Dent Flynn
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There is nothing greater than learning from people that serve with their whole hearts. Rachael Dent Flynn is a volunteer firefighter and the owner/operator of FLAR Equine Experience in Nova Scotia. As someone who loves to help people - Rachael recognized quite quickly how her life was positively impacted by being around horses. She explains how horses have the ability to pick up on your emotions - your mood is mirrored in the horse's body language. Changing your state, re-aligning, and re-connection with self is what must happen around horses to be able to get close to them. It was a great conversation that gave insight into another modality of healing that has been found to be very effective with first responders. We hope you enjoy it!