Nov. 25, 2021

U2U.S4.E3 - Neil MacLean

U2U.S4.E3 - Neil MacLean
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From Uniforms to Unicorns

When you have stories like the ones that Neil MacLean does, you write them down. Neil worked in a variety of correctional institutions during his 25 years as an officer. He shares a few stories in this podcast, but if you want all the dirt you will have to pick up one of his books. Serving Life 25: One guard's story is a collection of stories. Beyond the Gates of Hell is a collection of interviews with inmates and staff. Prison Tales from the West Coast is all about prisons in BC.

Neil was so cool to talk to. He has a huge passion for corrections, telling stories, and sharing those stories with others. We asked him if he had ever re-invented himself - you will have to listen to see what kind of wisdom he dished out!

You can find out more about Neil and his book at: