Nov. 18, 2021

U2U.S4.E2 - The Unicorns

U2U.S4.E2 - The Unicorns
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Sharon was picked to be in a RIGHT??? So, during the filming, they asked us to record a podcast. Here it is.

Sharon and Lauren share their stories of re-invention. It's a candid conversation between two friends that really have been through some significant things in their life. What is cool, is that you have the ability to re-invent who you are with just one decision. Deciding to quit smoking, deciding to call that person that you have wanted to for years, or taking the first steps in a walk towards health. It doesn't have to be a massive event that forces you to change who you are, what you want, and how you want to live this life. As you listen, think about how you have re-invented yourself or maybe how you would want to?