Nov. 11, 2021

U2U.S4.E1 - Gloria Joynt-Lang

U2U.S4.E1 - Gloria Joynt-Lang
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Well, here we are Season 4. We are back in the studio talking to people who have re-invented themselves. In this episode, we have Gloria Joynt-Lang. We both had the pleasure of working with Gloria at EIFW. We talked about her 26-year career in Corrections, all the positions that she held, and her experiences during these years. Gloria always enjoyed writing and when she retired from her job, she realized that she really missed that aspect of it. One day she began putting pencil to paper and before she knew it she had an entire novel. Braking Hard was released in 2018, and she just released another contemporary romance novel called Beyond Circumstances - she also has a few others that she is working on. This conversation was enlightening and also extremely fun. Talk about re-invention. There are some pretty scary statistics out there about corrections officers and life expectancy and retirement, but when you step out of that life - move on, explore and reinvent there are new opportunities, new beginnings, and the ability to do super cool things. We had such a great time with this chat. We hope you enjoy it. You find out more about Gloria and her novels at