July 8, 2021

U2U.S3.E8 - Chad Kennedy

U2U.S3.E8 - Chad Kennedy
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Chad Kennedy has had his fair share of trauma over the last 13 years as an Alberta Sheriff. He is on a mission to educate others that "it is not weak to speak". After numerous signs that he was struggling with his mental health and some obstacles with the system, Chad took it upon himself to try something different after conventional therapy and medication were not doing what he hoped. Chad began walking, building relationships, connecting with nature, and gaining skills to help him cope with the demons that continued to surface. There is more to this man than "just a guy" (he claims) - as he advocates for others, breaks down the stigma walls, and vows to walk across Canada to raise awareness for PTSD (Sea to Sea for PTSD). we know you will enjoy him as much as we did.