Dec. 14, 2020

U2U.S1.E8 - Why did you leave? What are we doing now?

U2U.S1.E8 - Why did you leave? What are we doing now?
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From Uniforms to Unicorns

Lauren and Sharon have a candid conversation about transitioning out of prison to being business owners. They talk about how their skills from the jail have assisted them with starting, running, and creating successful businesses.

Sharon and her mom own a very successful business in Calgary Medic Laser & Aesthetics Center. Lauren has a life coaching business that focuses on Self Care for First Responder Spouses - Break Complacency. She also runs a Non-Profit - To Serve and Connect for First Responders and Spouses.

We talk about Transformation Weekend - the weekend that Lauren attended that changed her life. Something that she now teaches.

We refer to a podcast that we both listen to and love that talks about mental health of first responders and their spouses. If you want to check it out please check out @uptalkpodcast

We have a conversation about "new normal' and "growth" - how do we manage? Gratitude, being present, and give yourself grace!